27-inch ‘Studio Display Pro’ with Mini-LED and Promotion may launch in June

27-inch 'Studio Display Pro' with Mini-LED and Promotion may launch in June

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According to well-known display analyst Ross Young, Apple plans to launch a “Pro” version of its new studio display in June this year, which measures 27-inches and has Mini-LED and Promotion.

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In a tweetYoung says he’s still hoping Apple will release a 27-inch mini-LED display in June and has confirmed such plans with sources in Apple’s supply chain. Young previously said that an iMac Pro would launch in early 2022, but that is no longer believed.

Youth telling Their sources were not aware of the separation between the iMac, Mac Studio and Studio Display, leading to confusion in Apple’s exact plans.

The confusion likely came from the fact that the Studio Display, and possibly the Studio Display Pro, both have a webcam and a built-in Apple Silicone, making it look like an iMac when it doesn’t. Now, it looks like the rumors of an iMac Pro launching in June weren’t referencing the actual iMac, but the Pro version of the Studio Display.

Today’s “Studio Display Pro” rumor adds further clarity to information shared by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said this week that the “iMac Pro” won’t launch until 2023. On the other hand, Kuo said today in a tweet That Apple may not release any mini-LED devices this year due to cost concerns, so it remains to be seen what exactly Apple has planned for June around WWDC.

During its event this week, Apple teased an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, hinting that it might not be too far away. Notably, when talking about Apple Silicon’s transition to the Mac lineup, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, John Turnes, said that “there’s just one more product to go for: the Mac Pro,” before adding “this is another for the day.”

Youth Studio Display Pro expected to be launched Apple in June with the Silicon Mac Pro, potentially replacing the Pro Display XDR in Apple’s display lineup.

Adding to the confusion of Apple’s plan, Apple this week discontinued the 27-inch Intel-based iMac, leaving questions about whether there will be a larger iMac to join the 24-inch in Apple’s lineup. Currently, it looks like customers wanting a bigger all-in-one desktop computer from Apple will have to wait for it or buy a 27-inch studio display and pair it with a Mac.