Apple faces further charges in EU antitrust case triggered by Spotify

European Parliament

Apple will face additional antitrust charges in the European Union related to a music streaming investigation triggered by a complaint by Spotify, Reuters reports,

European Parliament
The allegations are part of an ongoing investigation by the European Commission into allegations of anti-competitive conduct in the music streaming market from Spotify and suggest the EU is strengthening its case against Apple amid growing investigations into big tech across the region. .

In 2019, Spotify filed a complaint with the European Commission, alleging that Apple enforces App Store rules that “deliberately limit choice and prevent innovation at the expense of the user experience,” accusing the company of “Charges an allegation of acting as both a player and a referee.” harm to other app developers.”

Specifically, Spotify highlighted that Apple’s 30 percent commission on the App Store, including in-app subscriptions, allows the music streaming service to charge existing customers $12.99 per month for its Premium plan on the App Store. Forces, to collect just $9.99 per month. Usually fee.

It is proposed that this gives Apple an “undue advantage”, as Spotify is unable to compete within the ‘App Store’ with Apple Music’s standard $9.99 per month price tag. If Spotify chooses not to collect payments via the App Store, Apple reportedly imposes “a series of technical and experience-limiting restrictions” on the company. It is also said that Apple was “locking out Spotify and other competitors from Apple services like Siri, HomePod and Apple Watch,” making ‌Apple Music‌ a more attractive option for customers.

In April 2021, investigations found that Apple was in violation of EU competition law. Apple denied the allegations of anti-competitive behavior, and said at the time of Spotify’s complaint that its rival was using “its financial motivations in misleading rhetoric.”

person acquainted with the matter Reuters said the European Commission now intends to impose additional antitrust charges in a supplementary statement of objections, which are typically used when the EU competition promoter has changed parts of its case or has obtained new evidence. have done. Additional charges will reportedly be released in the coming weeks.

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