Apple Studio Display iOS 15.4 . runs the full version of

iOS 15

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Apple Studio Display runs the full version of iOS 15.4, daring fireballJohn Gruber highlighted.

iOS 15

In System Information, under “Graphics/Display”, Studio Display’s software can be found, indicating that it runs “Version 15.4 (Build 19E241)”. It has the same build number as iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, indicating that Studio Display runs the full version of iOS.

The A13 Bionic chip in the studio display, the same chip from the iPhone 11 lineup, includes the 2020 iPhone SE, the ninth-generation iPad, center stage with its 12-megapixel ultra-wide front-facing camera, and to support a six-speaker sound system with spatial is for. Audio. While the presence of the A13 chip indicated that the display was likely a variant of existing Apple software, just as the HomePod and HomePod Mini run a version of tvOS, the device’s exact software was unknown until now.

Yesterday, the first reviews of the Studio Display were released, with a common complaint among reviewers being that the built-in webcam’s image quality ranged anywhere from “old Blackberry” to “awful” in their hands-on testing. in their description studio display reviewGruber said the camera is “extremely disappointing” and “surprisingly bad”, with the image “awful” and center stage “messy”.

Even without strong sunlight, photos from the studio display camera, in all lighting conditions, are grainy, lack contrast, and make skin tones cadaveric.


… how can image quality from a camera on a $1600 display be so bad – ridiculously worse – than the image quality of a $600 iPad Air that uses the exact same camera hardware? Compare this alone to the front-facing camera on the $430 iPhone SE, which makes the Studio Display camera look like a toy. and we waited years For Apple to ship this display. Again, it is usable. All kinds of people use bad cameras for video conferencing every day. But this image quality is an embarrassment from a company that considers itself The leading camera company in the world… I expected to be impressed with Studio Display Camera. Instead, I am amazed. I don’t understand how it was sent.

It gets worse. The center stage feature on a studio display should be called off-center stage. Move around a bit or turn your head to the side and you’re framed to the side, even if you’re sitting directly in front of the center of the performance. It takes up to 5 seconds to capture center stage and re-focus you in the frame, which it does so slowly and haphazardly, as if it were embarrassing…

Apple told reviewers that it had “discovered an issue where the system is not behaving as expected” and will need to “improve software updates”. Apple did not specify what “fixes” would be made, and no time frame was provided for the update. Gruber concluded:

The off-center stage thing is clearly a bug, and I expect it to be fixed. The overall image quality, I’ll bet, could be improved somewhat through software updates, but I’d be surprised – gladly surprised, but surprised – if a software update turns this camera into something like that. Which Apple should be proud of. Maybe, though, given that it has the same camera hardware as the front-facing camera on the new iPad Air and last year’s iPad Pros. But I’m not holding my breath.

With confirmation that the Studio Display runs iOS, Apple’s planned update to improve webcam quality will likely come as part of an iOS update. Other details about how the software update works for Studio Display are yet unknown.