Best iPhone SE (2022) Screen Protector

Tech Armor Tempered Glass for iPhone SE 2022

Although the right case can go a long way in protecting your third generation iPhone SE, a screen guard is essential. It protects the most vulnerable part of your device. After all, damaging your phone screen is one of the worst feelings in the world!

Let us help you get the best iPhone SE (2022) screen protector with this curated list! read on.

  1. tech armor
  2. ESR
  3. Jetec
  4. purity
  5. maxboost
  6. ailun
  7. Jetec
  8. Trinium
  9. supershieldzo
  10. toras

1. Tech Armor Tempered Glass – Editor’s Picks

Tech Armor Tempered Glass for iPhone SE 2022

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass is an affordable way to protect your iPhone screen from scratches and drops. Premium materials meet expert design to create best in class products.

It’s easy to install and fits snugly to buff away scratches, drops, and everyday stains. It adheres only to the flattest parts of your phone’s display to avoid any sort of air bubbles. Also, there is no hassle replacement policy in case of issues.

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2. ESR Screen Protector – Scratch Resistant

iPhone SE 2020.  For ESR Tempered Glass Screen Guard

ESR is a leader in manufacturing protective accessories for all iPhones, and that’s why this screen protector is worth checking out. A unique tempering process allows it to withstand pressure up to 5 kg.

Furthermore, it does not interfere with Face ID or any other functions on your phone. To prevent bubbles and peeling, the screen protector is designed to be slightly smaller than the actual display. This also makes it compatible with most cases.

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3. JETech Screen Protector – Anti-Spy

Jetek iPhone 2020 Privacy Screen Protector

If you are often in crowded places, then this privacy screen protector is an essential security accessory for your iPhone SE (2022). This is M. IsMade with high quality 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass with fine rounded edges.

High quality privacy film makes the screen visible only to persons with direct view. So no one can peep from the sides, which protects your sensitive information. Plus, it resists up to 9H of scratches as well as dust and bubbles.

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4. Purity Glass Screen Protector – Anti-Fingerprint

Purity iPhone 2020 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Purity Screen Protector for the second generation iPhone SE is an ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector designed to provide the ultimate protection for your display. It provides everyday protection against scratches, bumps and minor drops.

In addition, it has an ultra-clear, hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating, which protects against fingerprints, sweat and oil residue. Always keep your screen clean! It comes with a handy installation kit and warranty.

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5. Alun 2.5D Edge Tempered Glass – Oil Resistant

Allun Iphone 2020 Screen Protector

With maximum protection against scratches, scuffs and bumps, this is a great budget screen protector. The 99.99% high-definition hydrophobic and oleophobic layer protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.

It is worth noting that this product is absolutely laser cut. There is no front camera cutout, and it boasts of precise 2.5D rounded edges. Lastly, it is 0.25mm thick and offers maximum protection against scratches, scuffs and bumps.

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iPhone SE 2020.  for JTech Screen Protector

Protect your phone screen from daily wear and tear with this high clarity, high transparency and high sensitivity screen glass. It promises to retain the original look and feel of your display.

In addition, it is easy to install, bubble-free, waterproof, anti-fingerprint and anti-dust. Precise cutting techniques and advanced tempered processing ensure the quality even in the long run.

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7. Trinium Fiber Flexible Glass – Luminous Touch

Trianium iPhone 2020 Screen Protector

This 99.9% ultra-clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oily residue. At the same time, 9H hardness can effectively reduce scratches or marks made by pocket objects.

Plus, it’s a flexible protector that feels like a film yet protects like tempered glass. This helps it fit into the phone and makes it less likely to break from impact. Plus, it’s easy to fit with a stick and slide mechanism.

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8. Supershieldz Screen Protector – Easy Installation Tray

iPhone SE 2020.  Screen Protector for Supershieldz

Keep your iPhone screen printing on a budget. This tempered glass screen protector is inexpensive yet acts as an excellent barrier against scratches. It also resists fingerprints and moisture.

Other features include 2.5D rounded edges for comfortable use of your phone, as well as HD clarity and native touch sensitivity.

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9. Toras Diamonds Hard Screen Protector , shatterproof

Torus Diamonds Hard Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020

The reinforced corners of this iPhone SE (2022) screen protector perfectly sticks to the curves of your phone without lifting or cutting. The space between the iPhone and the screen protector enables proper space for the installation of most phone cases.

It has 9H rated hardness which provides up to 5x high scratch resistance and effectively protects the entire phone screen from drops and impacts. If you have any unexpected installation issues, a free replacement is promised.

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Which of these recommended screen protectors have you chosen for your second generation iPhone SE? Let us know in the comments below.

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