Can’t Play YouTube Videos on iPhone and Computer? 12 fixes

History & Privacy in YouTube app on iPhone

YouTube is one of the most valuable video streaming apps. But it can be frustrating if it fails to work on your device, especially when watching something. If YouTube doesn’t work on your iPhone or computer, learn how to fix this problem quickly!

How to Fix Youtube Videos Not Playing on iPhone

1. Check your network connectivity (Wi-Fi/Mobile data)

Of course, YouTube needs fast internet connectivity, considering the kind of content it streams. So your Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity is the first culprit that you want to check if YouTube is not playing videos on your iPhone. YouTube may continue to load the content tray video player if there is a connection problem.

Therefore, you may want to refresh your mobile network by turning on/off Airplane Mode on your iPhone. If your iPhone is on Wi-Fi instead, here are various Wi-Fi failure fixes you can try.

2. Close and Relaunch YouTube

If the app freezes or has caching issues, YouTube player may fail to work. This is not uncommon in many iOS apps, including WhatsApp. So, force closing the YouTube player and launching it again might fix the problem.

3. Check YouTube’s Server Status

Server downtime is not a common problem with YouTube. But it can happen on some occasions. If you have tried the above fixes and YouTube videos still fail to play on your iPhone, the YouTube server in your region may be down.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide an official status checker as it does for workstations. So the best bet is to check YouTube server status using online web-based third-party tools like downdetector, Once on that page, you will see the status report boldly written at the top of the page.

Additionally, you can use the status graph to determine whether other people have submitted similar reports before.

4. Restart your iPhone

Since YouTube is only an app like the others on iPhone, it may fail to play videos if your iPhone freezes. Thankfully, simply restarting the iPhone helps resolve RAM issues that cause iPhone to freeze. So it’s like giving your phone a fresh start without closing the already opened apps.

5. Clear YouTube Watch History

Caution, Clearing your YouTube viewing history will erase all consistent recommendations. So after the fact you won’t be able to watch the videos you like.

A cluttered viewing history can prevent YouTube from loading content or playing videos as it should. So if you find that YouTube is slow or still not playing videos despite trying the above fixes, it’s probably time to clear your viewing history on the app.

This is simple:

  1. open to youtube app on your iPhone.
  2. tap your profile icon top right.
  3. then go to Adjustment History & Privacy,

    History & Privacy in YouTube app on iPhone

  4. tap clear watch history,
  5. Choose clear watch history To confirm again.

    Clear YouTube Watching History on iPhone

6. Update Your iPhone and YouTube App

YouTube app may fail to play videos on iPhone if it is not updated. So you might want to confirm that and update the app to see if that fixes the problem.

Plus, the YouTube version on the iPhone may be more advanced or modern than what you’re using for the iOS version. However, it is rare, and it is less likely to happen. But it happens.

But regardless, the best way is to update your iOS version to the latest version. In addition to matching the app with your iOS, it can fix built-in bugs preventing YouTube videos from playing on iPhone.

7. Uninstall and Re-install YouTube

If you recently installed YouTube and videos don’t play, it could be due to an incomplete installation. In that case uninstalling and reinstalling YouTube might work. Also, this method can come in handy if YouTube fails to play videos after updating the app.

8. Reset Network Settings

In addition to refreshing your mobile connectivity and fixing Wi-Fi connection failure, resetting your network settings can help fix other unknown underlying network issues.

To reset your iPhone network settings: Open Adjustment Application. then go to Mango Transfer or Reset iPhone reset Reset Network Settings,

Reset Network Settings on iPhone and iPad

5 Ways to Fix YouTube Not Playing Videos on Browser

The following fixes are handy if you’re trying to play YouTube videos on your desktop through Safari or other browsers.

1. Reload YouTube

YouTube videos may fail to play in the browser if the page does not load properly. This can happen if the video or page loads longer than it should. And it can also be due to network problem. However, reloading the YouTube page can help jump-start your network and load videos accordingly.

tap refresh icon at the top of your browser if you’re on a Mac or PC. or just swipe down YouTube page if you are using the browser via iPhone or iPad.

2. Try adjusting the video quality (for browser and YouTube app)

The video loading speed depends to some extent on its resolution. For example, if your network connectivity is slow to provide the requested video quality, YouTube videos may fail to load or play. In such a situation, reducing the video quality often comes in handy.

pay attention: This method only applies if YouTube has already delivered the video, but it fails to play.

To lower the quality of YouTube videos through the browser on your PC or Mac, tap setting icon On that video. then go to Quality To choose a lower resolution.

To do this through the YouTube app: tap three vertical points Select → in the top right Quality → go here advanced → Select Low Quality.

Try Adjusting Video Quality in YouTube App on iPhone

3. Check on a Private Browser

Browsing incognito can help solve YouTube videos not playing on the browser. This helps if the video fails to play due to caching.

However, if a YouTube video fails to play because it is not available in your region, use a private browser such as tow helps. In addition, it uses a proxy network.

4. Clear Browser Cache

Caching issues are some of the common reasons why YouTube videos fail to play on the browser. Thankfully, only clearing the browser cache helps fix the problem. You might want to see How to clear the cache on Chrome or Safari for a quick guide.

5. Reboot Router and Fix Wi-Fi

A faulty router or poor Wi-Fi connectivity also prevents content from loading on the browser. You can justify this by attempting to access websites other than YouTube. If they fail to load, your router may be faulty for the Wi-Fi connection. I found these fixes valuable to fix poor Wi-Fi connectivity on Mac.

However, to complement this, you may want to reboot your router to fix connection problems.

signing out…

With the introduction of shorts and many other features on YouTube, most people can hardly do without using it in a day. As you know, it is full of video content for every class of people. However, let me know if the above fixes will make your YouTube video work properly on iPhone and desktop.

Have more questions? Share in the comment section below.

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