Delivery app loses functionality when shipping companies refuse to participate

delivery 9 app

package tracking app Delivery According to developer Mike Piontech, the functionality is being lost because shipping companies are unwilling to provide the shipping data that the app needs to function.

delivery 9 app
in Blog post written earlier this weekPiontech said Delivery is no longer able to maintain the same service it used to provide because it relies on shipping companies, and “without their assistance” the app may not have been able to function as customers expect.

Over time, the delivery app will stop showing tracking information directly in the app for additional services. Delivery dates, map routes and other details will not be available, and neither will notifications of status changes. To view the tracking information, Customers need to use the “View Online” button to view the tracking information on the website of the shipping company.

According to Piontek, Deliveries understands that the app will become less useful to users, but the delivery team will aim to make it as useful as possible for those who continue to use it.

At the present time, Delivery appears to be able to show shipping information from major US shipping companies such as the United States Postal Service and UPS, but over the past few months, Amazon Delivery has stopped working.

Delivery used to be able to track Amazon shipments with just an order link, but that’s no longer possible. Tracking either doesn’t work, or it requires logging into Amazon with a login and password, which is a hassle. The app recently stopped working with FedEx tracking numbers, and there are complaints that DHL shipments can’t be tracked.

Before shipping companies made these changes, Delivery was a very useful package tracking app, but for many, it may no longer be worth the $4.99 per year subscription price.