Demon Slayer Movie Review

Demon Slayer Movie Review

One demon slayer movie review that I will write is about the movie demon slayer. When it was released in theaters it became an instant business. It went on to earn a very nice profit for distributor Fox Searchlight and the producers made a nice profit from it as well. It did not do so well at the box office with some of the other horror films that were released the same week as it. But it still made a respectable amount of money which is good for independent films these days. So I decided to write a Demon slayer movie review to talk about this one.

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The movie Demon slayer is a story about four teenagers who come across a demonic possession in their high school. One of them is the son of a prominent politician. He has just recently won the election and is set to become the mayor of a town that is to be formed. His wife has died in childbirth and he has taken on the role of acting as mayor while his sister takes care of the kids. Things are going great until one night a satanic cult makes an appearance, killing the mayor and his family.

The movie Demon slayer has one of the best opening sequences I have ever seen in a movie. It has a series of car crashes that are just bloody and graphic. There is also a lot of tension in the movie because one of the main characters, a demon slayer (played by Dylan O’Brien) arrives on the scene and is immediately after the pregnant mayor’s daughter.

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I have never been a big fan of Demon slayers and so I went in with low expectations. I thought it would be a decent and entertaining horror film. I know it is rated R, but it doesn’t look like it was cut out of any budget. The fighting scenes are brutal and the villain looks extremely realistic. If you want a good Demon slayer movie review then I would suggest giving demon assistant a watch.

After I had watched the movie the only thing on my mind was to find out what other movie ratings had to say about it. Well, I went to a search engine and sure enough, there were a lot of rave reviews. People were raving about how cool and intense this movie really is. They also loved the fact that the movie wasn’t like the typical slasher flicks that most people are used to. It’s a refreshing take on the slayer genre.

Another great feature of this movie is the excellent voice cast that is in it. Dylan O’Brien and Kate Mara are known for their great acting skills, but this movie made them even better. The dialog is realistic without being over the top. Everyone in this movie speaks clearly and naturally, which is a very important element when trying to make a movie as serious as this one. Other movie ratings have also been positive toward this movie saying that it’s a great action-packed movie that’s sure to thrill its fans.

There’s no doubt that the Demon slayer movie is going to be a big hit with kids and adults alike. If you’re a parent you may want to warn your children to steer clear of this one, but if you let them watch it they’ll probably have a blast. I would recommend this movie to people who don’t normally go see movies. However, if you normally watch these types of movies then I would recommend this one to the parents and the kids.

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Demon slayer is set to be one of the more exciting and memorable films this summer. It’s worth the money and a must-see movie. You can check out my movie review below. See you in the theaters! Until then, don’t miss a single second of this movie!

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