Developers may soon be able to automatically charge Apple users for subscription price hikes

iOS App Store Common Features

Apple is testing a new feature that will allow developers to automatically charge users when subscription prices increase, according to techcrunch,

iOS App Store Common Features
Right now, Apple asks customers to explicitly agree to a subscription price increase if the cost of the subscription increases. If a subscriber does not tap on the “Agree to New Price” button presented, their subscription is automatically cancelled. But if Apple’s new functionality is rolling out, customers may be notified of an upcoming change, rather than being given the option to cancel. Essentially, Apple is testing an opt-out system instead of an opt-in system for subscription price changes.

When Disney+ recently raised its prices to $7.99 a month, some developers noticed that the Disney+ app sent a notification that was more of an alert about a price hike rather than an explicit opt-in option. Disney+ customers received a notification with a large “OK” button letting them know of the change, but there was no built-in opt-out button, providing a link to change the subscription with the app Was.

Other developers observed similar behavior for different subscriptions, and an Apple spokesperson confirmed techcrunch That it is running a pilot test on a new subscription system.

“We are operating a new commerce facility which we plan to launch very soon. The pilot includes developers across different app categories, organization sizes, and regions to help test out upcoming enhancements that we believe will be great for both developers and users, and we’ll have more to share over the coming weeks. There will be more details for this,” the spokesperson said.

If this change is implemented more broadly, App Store users will need to keep a close eye on their subscriptions, as it would be easy for pricing increases to go under the radar without the Express opt-in system currently in place.

Apple would not provide more details on the pilot testing, and would not provide information about the apps that are currently included or when the feature may roll out more widely to all developers.