How to Add Notes to iCloud Keychain Entries on iPhone and iPad

Activate iCloud Keychain on iPhone

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Apple’s recent iOS 15.4 update bundles some key features. One notable addition is that it lets you add notes to the credentials stored in iCloud Keychain. You probably know the power of iCloud Keychain with Password Autofill. But this new feature is handy for storing additional details along with your password, card details etc.

Plus, even if you saved a credential before the update, you can edit and add notes to them. But how do you start adding notes to your iCloud Keychain entries? Keep reading as I show you!

Why Add Notes to iCloud Keychain?

In addition to passwords, security questions and credit card information, it’s easy to forget additional details like the app’s access rules and more. iCloud Keychain Notes lets you pen these with your password so you can view them when accessing an app or website that requires authentication.

Ultimately, you may want to take advantage of iCloud Keychain Notes to jot down essentials when using a website or app for the first time. Let’s go straight to see how you can use Notes in iCloud Keychain.

Activate iCloud Keychain

This section may help if you’ve never used iCloud Keychain before. Therefore, you need to make sure that iCloud Keychain is activated on your iPhone or iPad in order to use this feature.

To activate iCloud Keychain:

  1. Open Adjustment on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. tap device name banner At the top.
  3. go for iCloud Keychain,
  4. Next, turn on iCloud Keychain,

    Activate iCloud Keychain on iPhone

You may want to check out our article for a complete explanation of how to use iCloud Keychain.

How to Add Notes to iCloud Keychain Entries on iPhone

Adding notes to your iCloud Keychain listing is as easy as adding a password to Keychain. For doing this:

  1. go for Adjustment on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Choose Passwords And Please verify with your passcode or Apple ID.
  3. choose one Existing Password Or credentials to add notes to it.
    • Alternatively, tap + icon in the top right to add a new authorization.
    • tap Full,
  4. Next, choose add notes And input your notes for that website or app.

    Select Add Notes to iCloud Keychain Password

  5. tap Full top right.

    Add Notes to iCloud Keychain Entries on iPhone

Next time you need to remember important points about said website, you can come to your iCloud Keychain listing to see what you noted about it.

and that is all!

Is iCloud Keychain Secure?

Being able to write down points you don’t want to forget about an app or website in iCloud Keychain is, of course, valuable, as you’ve seen. However, while some people question the security of iCloud Keychain, it is still more trustworthy than most third-party password managers.

Furthermore, neither Apple nor any other third-party app knows about what you store in your iCloud Keychain. So it lets you manage your passwords yourself without relying on browser or Google-based password autofill, which is less secure because anyone can access your account without your knowledge.

Ultimately, iCloud Keychain requires additional authentication such as Face ID or passcode before auto-filling your password anywhere. And to access iCloud Keychain, of course, you’ll need to provide your passcode or Face ID. Although each software has its vulnerability shortcomings, I would say that iCloud Keychain is more secure than most password management apps for iOS or iPadOS.

signing off!

This is how you can add notes to iCloud Keychain entries on iPhone and iPad. What do you think about this cool feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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