How to know when you need to replace your iPhone

irreplaceable iphone

Perhaps you saw the latest and greatest additions to the iOS lineup at WWDC, and began to wonder if it was time for an upgrade. Your iPhone may have been around the block for a while, it’s got its fair share of nose dives, and there’s just one weird thing wrong with it.

There are more than a few signs that you need to replace your iPhone, but… how do you know when you see them? Stay tuned to learn more about when and how to replace your iPhone.

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1. Disadvantages

For some users, the only reason to upgrade is irreparable damage.

Accidents like shocks or drops can permanently damage your iPhone. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you may need to upgrade. Whether your iPhone took a skydive from a great height or took a deep dive in the bathtub, damage cannot be overlooked as a potential catalyst.

irreplaceable iphone

pay attention: Remember, Apple strengthened its waterproof standards starting with the iPhone X. This means that any iPhone released before 2017 does not do so well in aquatic scenes.

On the other hand, you might be able to live with a cracked screen or poor speakers for a while. Some users are perfectly happy to develop workarounds that extend the lifespan of their devices rather than jumping to replacements.

Or, if you’re willing to get under the hood yourself, check out Apple Self Service Repair.

2. No iOS Upgrade

No iOS Upgrade in iPhone

When Apple announced iOS 13, iPhone 6 owners were disappointed to learn that software support for the iPhone 6 and older models would be removed.

In this and similar situations, many users chose to upgrade their iPhones. Most popular apps don’t roll out updates for older versions of iOS. Users will be unable to access apps like Google, Twitter, or almost any other popular iPhone or iPad app.

This is one of the biggest reasons that users replace their iPhones, and it’s a good sign to know that you should too.

3. Irreplaceable Malware

Some damage is irreparable. In addition to hardware damage, advanced malware can take hold of your iPhone, prompting you to seek help from Apple Support.

Although Apple provides strong protection to your iOS devices, some attacks are able to bypass that protection and strike at the heart of your device. Even such attacks can happen Block Your Access to Apps and iMessage,

When the cost of repairs exceeds that of a new device, you may want to consider getting a new iPhone.

4. Unique Offers

Some offers are just too good to turn down. Every year, Apple releases its new iPhones in September; Earlier this month, e-commerce portals ran offers and discounts for customers to upgrade to the latest iPhones.

Mobile providers are also always coming up with profitable upgrade plans. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon are the leading carriers in the United States that often offer deals.

5. New Features

Alluring new functions and features can be reason enough for a replacement. Do you want to step up your Instagram game with the best camera on the market, or stream shows on the cleanest-looking iPhone screen possible?

An argument has to be made that you should upgrade in scenarios like this; Especially if you can snag a deal.

That’s all for today!

signing off…

Before replacing your old iPhone, make sure you do a few things like create a backup, export contacts, delete photos and videos, delete apps, etc.

This should set your new iPhone up for a walk in the park. When you do, come back to this post and leave a comment to let us know when you knew it was time to upgrade.

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