How to Share Song Clips with Friends on Instagram Using iPhone

copy songs from apple music on iphone

Are you tired of persuading your friends to listen to the song stuck in your mind? new feature of instagram, Play, Pause and Replay, is what you should try. This feature allows you to share a 30-second preview of any song from Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music to your Instagram chat.

While you could already share the songs you heard on your Instagram stories, it was just a preview with a link at the top. That’s changed now, and here’s how you can share a 30-second preview of the song with your friends on Instagram using your iPhone.

note: This feature is still rolling out for Spotify and Amazon Music. So, if it is not working for you, wait for some time.

how to share song clips on instagram chat

“Play, pause and re-play” feature is available for Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. While all the apps have a similar process, we used Apple Music because it blends well with the ecosystem and supports lossless audio. Here is a step by step guide,

  1. Open Apple Music,
  2. select the Song you want to share.
  3. tap Three point ,
  4. choosing “Share the song…”,
  5. Next, tap copy,

    copy songs from apple music on iphone

  6. open instagram And navigate to the chat you want to share the song with.
  7. Long press and paste the message… section contact,
  8. send to link And it is done!

    Share song clips with friends using Apple Music

Now you have shared the preview of the song on your Instagram chat.

Other Features Instagram Offered

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has an ever-growing user base and currently has 1.38 billion active users. Instagram keeps on launching new features to entertain these users. This time around, Instagram has a bunch of new features.

  1. reply while browsing: You can reply to messages from whatever tab you’re on. No need to go to chat to answer.
  2. quick share post: long press share button to send the post to your friends.
  3. Friends activity status at the top of the inbox:yes, basically what the title says.
  4. send group messages without notification: Add @silent before sending a message to a group chat, and your friends won’t be notified of the message.
  5. create a poll: Wanted polls on your Instagram groups so you can check what your friends think about a certain topic? Well now you have it!

Let me know if this guide helped you share song clips with friends on Instagram using your iPhone. Have more questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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