iOS 15.5 beta adds support for external links among upcoming changes to Reader apps

iOS App Store General Feature Unsaturated

Apple recently implemented a number of changes to the App Store that allow for external payment options and linking to external websites for purchase purposes. As part of these changes, Apple is adding support and warnings for external purchases in iOS 15.5.

iOS App Store General Feature Unsaturated
The code for external purchase support was discovered by 9to5Mac In iOS 15.5 beta, which came out yesterday. The site says iOS 15.5 has “full support” for the “External Link Account entitlements” that Apple recently made available for reader apps.

As of last week, Apple began allowing developers of Reader apps to sign up for access to the External Links entitlement that would allow the app to present a link to the website so that a user can create an account outside the App Store or be able to manage. Reader apps include those that provide digital content such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, or video as the primary functionality of the app, with Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and other apps serving as examples. with.

External Links Apps receiving account entitlements will be able to provide an in-app link that leads to an external website. So, for example, the Netflix iOS app will be able to provide a link to the Netflix website, where users will be able to sign up for or manage a Netflix subscription.

Apple decided to allow Reader apps to offer links to external websites in early 2021, settling an investigation launched by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission. Apple said it “plans to ensure that users of the Reader app continue to have a secure experience.” App Store,” and that it will help developers “protect users when they link to an external website to make purchases,” which explains some of the new wording in iOS 15.5.

For example, 9to5Mac Located text that warns a user who removes an app with external purchases that subscriptions and purchases cannot be managed through the App Store, apps that provide subscriptions and content via App Store tools Against of. If, for example, a user subscribes to Netflix through an external link in the Netflix iOS app and then deletes Netflix, the subscription cannot be canceled through the App Store subscription interface and can be accessed directly. Will need to be controlled by the developer, aka Netflix. Example Example.

“External purchases from ‘outside purchases’ may still exist,” the pop-up in beta reads. “You may not manage or cancel any External Purchases through the App Store. For more details, contact the developer.”

iOS 15 5 Link Entitlements Popup

For some apps with external purchases, Apple will explicitly alert users to external purchase options and support limitations when the app is first launched, making it clear to users that purchases made outside the App Store cannot be allowed outside the App Store. will need to be managed. ,

Apple’s guidelines for external links in Reader apps are also designed to create a clear designation between the App Store and external purchases. A link should open in a new browser window on the device’s default browser, for example, rather than in a web view in an app. For security, links may not contain tracking information or redirects, and an app may only link to the website it is affiliated with.

We don’t know yet when iOS 15.5 will be released, but Apple is accepting requests from Reader apps that are interested in using the external link entitlement. Apple’s website for Link entitlements says that the External Link account API will be available for reader apps to build and test “in an upcoming beta release of iOS and iPadOS,” which appears to be iOS 15.5.