Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple plans to release the second generation AirPods Pro in the second half of 2022. in a tweet Today.

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While the second-generation AirPods have been available for purchase since Apple released the third-generation AirPods last year, Kuo said Apple may discontinue the original AirPods Pro when the new ones are released later this year. Apple announced the AirPods Pro on October 30, 2019, making them nearly two and a half years old.

Kuo also said that demand for third-generation AirPods is “significantly weaker” than second-generation AirPods, as a result of which Apple has reduced orders for third-generation AirPods from suppliers by at least 30 in the second to third quarters of this year. % has been reduced. ,

Kuo previously claimed that the second-generation AirPods Pro will have a “significantly advanced” wireless chip compared to the H1 chip in the original AirPods Pro. The chip powers audio-related functions such as active noise cancellation, and improvements to this technology could result in improved battery life for longer listening per charge. Kuo is also expected to support lossless audio on Apple Music with the new AirPods Pro.

Kuo had earlier also claimed that the new AirPods Pro charging case will be able to emit a sound to help users locate it if they go wrong. It is likely that the charging case will also have water resistance like the third generation AirPods charging case.

bloombergMark Gurman and Debbie Wu have previously reported that Apple is testing a more compact design for the new AirPods Pro that will eliminate the stems that fall under the earbuds. If this turns out to be the final design, the new AirPods Pro could look very similar to Apple’s Beats Studio Buds released last year.

Gurman and Wu also claimed that the new AirPods Pro will have motion sensors for fitness tracking capabilities with the Apple Watch.

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