Apple plans to soon sell a third-party lock adapter for Mac Studio that locks into the bottom of the computer without physically damaging or modifying the computer.

mac studio down

At the bottom of Mac Studio, there’s a hole that some have guessed Kensington might be in for Locke. However, Kensington locks are large and are unlikely to fit under MAC Studio. Instead, in a memo seen by MacRumorsApple has said that a “lock adapter” that customers can use to keep their Mac Studio “physically secure without any modification or damage” will launch soon.

In the memo, Apple did not provide details about pricing or availability. As with the previous trashcan Mac Pro, Apple did something similar and issued a $49 lock goes to computer To prevent moving or accessing it internally. YouTuber. In form of MKBHD has indicatedHowever, there is no easy and direct way to access the internals of Mac Studio.

First alleged CAD renders of iPhone 14 Pro show pill-shaped and circular cutout in place of the notch

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PSA: macOS 12.3 . Universal control and sidecar can be used at the same time

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Lucky customer met a few days ahead of Mac Studio’s schedule

Mac Studio isn’t set to launch until Friday, March 18, but a French Apple fan was able to secure his new machine today due to a store error. As per Mac4Ever, an unnamed store quickly delivered a Mac Studio to a customer, and has shared an early photo of the new device. According to Mac4Ever, the customer, Simon, will make additional photos of Mac Studio available later today, but…