Reader writes in #457: Grammar, vocabulary, time, and all that

Reader writes in #457: Grammar, vocabulary, time, and all that

by Kailasam Row

In a post on Prashant-Simran films of the 90s, which went live soon after Diwali 2021, I made a comment that “on-screen romances in Tamil cinema will see a tectonic shift in grammar and vocabulary” or the decade after that. in. A reader requested that I elaborate on this point. While this request forms the cue that triggered this post, I realized how the romance between these characters was captured on screen before it covered how the portrayal of hero and heroine characters changed over the period. To do so would require an appropriate response. You are now entering a statement that strays and has been warned.

No one is claiming that the first day of the current millennium saw a drastic change in Tamil cinema at midnight. The transition was gradual, and many films in the early ’00s retained the ’90s ethos. Some of them are still clicked with the audience. Those that were too chronological were accordingly refused.

Mechanical engineering students – not in flames?

Actor Murali Inn Idhayam Arjun is a medical student and Vineet is aspiring doctor. gentlePrabhudheva is an art college student KadhalanLike Vineet and Abbas are Kadal Desai, Kunal is a student of business school kadhalar dinmi, Arjun has completed a degree in Visual Communication Mudhalvan, Ajith Mugavari is an aspiring musician and a filmmaker kandukonden kandukonden, The twins run a jeans catering business. Many films of Sarathkumar and Sathyaraj show the protagonist as a school dropout. Many films released in the 90s did not focus on the professional background of the main characters and in many cases the lack of detail did not really affect the story and its progress. There were very few explicit references to engineers during this period. There were a few exceptions: Prashant was introduced to India as an electronics engineer Kannedhir ThondrinalWhile Rajinikanth’s character is of an engineer Padayappa, Madhavan is a software engineer alaipayuthey,

Reader writes in #457: Grammar, vocabulary, time, and all that

A 2001 film would be needed to formally burnish the image of an engineering student as the film’s protagonist. While plotting to seduce Belle Minnale Not straying too far from the ideas developed in the ’90s, the scene in which Maddie is introduced as a rebellious mechanical engineering student was a cinematic acknowledgment of the growing number of engineers in society. Engineers arrived on the silver screen, in queues outside the embassy at 4 a.m., as a statistic awaiting H1B approval, and an identity in itself.

It will take a wake-up call, after more than a decade, as velayila lessee To accept the challenges and difficulties faced by male Indian engineer.

American Mapillai

Then, a case of art reflecting life, as the new way of life promised by the home lands of the free and the brave, as a bridegroom from the United States being offered a wrench Also provides a cinematic plot point. The wheels of romance between the lead pair of the film. The character of the Groom of Doom appears in a brief Alapyuthe, before getting a more complete picture in Minnale, In many films, this plot element is treated as a minor inconvenience that can be overcome, as shown. Andrendrum Punnagai, Santhanam presents a brilliant parody of this plot element Thilu Mulu 2,

The concept was turned on its head ShivajiWhere the main character is a migrant who returns to India, finds love and fulfills his true calling.

Manamedai Blues

We are in the 90s. We are entering the final half hour of the film where, despite our best efforts to unite, the lovers are torn apart by fate and appan-weapon. The girl is getting married to someone else, possibly an American Mappillai. Our hero, in the final throw of the dice, snatches the microphone from the brash wedding singer, and breaks his heart. The woman leaves the altar and runs in the open arms of our hero. Oru Poiyavadhu Sol Kanne A perfect example of such a song. Give short speeches to the elders from the teary-eyed couple, and all will be well.

The trope of last-minute drama in the wedding hall is well replicated in the 2000s and 2010s, with films featuring Thiruvilaiahdal Arambam, Boss Angira Bhaskaran And oru kal oru kannadaWith the major exception that there will no longer be any tear-jerking symphonies at this stage of the film.

raise. drop. to escape

In an era where the narrative largely follows the arc of two lovers versus worlds, the concept of infidelity was portrayed, albeit in a slightly heavy-handed way, churning, It is hard to imagine that STR was only 21 when he acted in this film. Among Tamil films in this period, there should be only other films dealing with this subject. Pachai Kili Muthu Charam And Naan Awan Iliyi,

rural-urban divide

In the 90s, films set in villages included themes of family honours, rivalry, planning and conspiracy, comedy scenes and actions featuring Goondamani-Senthil. The romance in the film, if any, will play out against the backdrop of the elements discussed above.

By the early 2000s, the romance set in the city had a predictable pattern for her: the heroine’s role in these films was so peripheral that it was filled with empty imports that could not speak the language. For every gem discovered in the form of Laila, Simran or Jyothika, we have wonders of many one-films and unmissable hits. plain to see in the meek heroine trope Dina, Equivalence:, dillu, dust, ghillieAnd pokkirito name a few. Pithamagan And GhajiniDespite their dark themes, the look of the heroines provided welcome respite with an immaculate sense of humour.

Subramaniapuram And deserted Renewed the appeal of films shot in rural areas and started a trend that is yet to peak.

I’ve fallen For on you

In many horror films of this period, the real spark of romance between the lead actors is ignited when one of them physically and literally runs into the other. This marked a change from the concept of “Kandavudan Kaadhal” (love at first sight) from the 90s. Rendu And maruthamalai There are a few examples that easily come to mind.

Three Kartik and their love stories

In the end, if I were to choose three definitive films of this decade that could be considered veritable treatises on romance, I would choose the arc that begins alaipayuthey and ends Vinnaithandi Varuvaypassing through Unnale, The name of the male lead in all three films is Karthik. These are all engineers. While they all have a love-at-first-sight plot point, they also faithfully capture the vagaries of the romance. VTV exclusively shows that unrequited love should not end in self-destruction for the lover.