Scammers who stole $1.5 million from Apple sentenced to combined 13 years in prison

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Two scammers who stole $1.5 million from Apple over a three-year period using the company’s own technology have been sentenced to a combined 13 years in prison.

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In September 2021 it was reported that two scammers developed a scheme to use a stolen point-of-sale device from an Apple Store to create fraudulent Apple gift cards between 2015 and 2017.

The scam was enabled through a handheld employee-only point-of-sale device called the “Isaac”. Retail workers carry Isaacs around in the store, allowing them to check stock and sell products to customers, wherever they are.

One of the scammers simply walked into Apple stores across the country waiting for the opportune moment to steal Isaac’s device. They then sat outside the same store, still connected to its Wi-Fi network, and used a logged-in employee account at Isaac to acquire digital gift cards worth thousands of dollars.

Digital gift card redemption codes were loaded into the Wallet app to generate QR codes, which were screenshots and sent via iMessage to other conspirators, who were then able to walk into other Apple Stores and purchase high-value Apple devices. Were. , According to the indictment, the process was then repeated across the country, allowing the pair to defraud Apple totaling more than $1.5 million.

One of the scammers stole $50,000 worth of digital Apple gift cards in Texas, while on the same day, his partner used the gift card to buy thousands of dollars worth of Apple products in New York. A total of $50,000 was moved using 26 digital gift cards in Southlake, Texas alone.

The couple were eventually caught on CCTV stealing Isaac devices in Apple stores and were tracked using their cellphones via GPS, before eventually being arrested by the FBI. He later pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

according to a Press release From the United States Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Texas, the offenders have now been sentenced to a combined 13 years in federal prison and ordered to pay $1.26 million in restitution to Apple. It’s not clear whether Apple made any changes to its internal systems and access to employee accounts on Isaac to prevent the same scam from trying again.