SmartFriends iOS app review: A fun way to sharpen your mind

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Puzzle games are a great way to sharpen your IQ. During my studies, I was fond of doing puzzles and reasoning. With the advent of technology, puzzle games have taken a new and exciting form. SmartFriends is an addictive iOS game that you can play with friends.

What is Smart Friends?

We have already established that SmartFriends is a puzzle game. However, there is a different side to it as well. SmartFriends is a daily IQ test game. You get to solve an IQ challenge every day. The result will be published the next day with clarifications.

Puzzles include similarities, pattern-based puzzles, and a mix of visual and spatial type questions. SmartFriends does not impose any time limits or any other time-based restrictions. That said, you only get one chance to solve the problem.

I couldn’t help drawing some parallels between Wordle and SmartFriends. Both offer an every day challenge, scorestreak and social options. However, the similarities end there.

Samrat Friends iOS App Banner

Smartfriends – Socializing with a Twist

I’ve spent a few days with smartfriends. The user interface is minimal and functional to the core. The experience is smooth without any laggy bits or bugs. You can share your score with friends on social media.

SmartFriends developers have added a new Genius Challenge feature and this, according to me, is the most exciting bit. Let’s take a closer look at every aspect of the game.

1. Personal Challenge Mode

Personal Challenge Mode in SmartFriends on iPhone

This is the default mode. You get to solve a challenge every day. Everyone around the world gets the same challenge. In other words, you compete directly with hundreds of players around the world. Better gear up and put on that thinking cap.

See here how it works. Work on solving questions. And just enter the answer. SmartFriends will immediately tell whether the answer is right or wrong. Meanwhile, a reply clarification will be available only on the next day. Download SmartFriends from the App Store.

2. Continue the Streak

A game is only fun when you can keep score! SmartFriends shows scores with a streak meter. This feature will document it if you have been on a winning streak recently. A high streak score entitles you to a brag among friends! Or even better, you can share your streak on social media and invite your friend for an IQ duel.

3. Unlock Genius Challenges

Genius Challenges is the latest addition to SmartFriends. You can invite your friends to a series of challenges. Questions include brain-teasing verbal similes and more. The challenges are hard to pass and more difficult than other modes.

The best thing about Genius Mode is the rewards. Instead of 10 points in normal mode, you get 50 points for winning the Genius Challenge. Genius Mode is a great way to increase your score instantly. When you invite a friend to a challenge, the talent challenge is unlocked, and they accept it.

4. Set Reminders

The time taken to solve the challenges is reflected in your daily score. In other words, if you forget to take the IQ challenge, your score will be affected. He is not everything; You will also lose your streak. Here’s how you can set it up: reminder scheduled time → choose Reminder Type,

Set Reminders in SmartFriends on iPhone

Once done, you’ll get a reminder whenever new challenges become available.

Why should you get Smartfriends?

Surprisingly, puzzle games like SmartFriends offer many benefits. It is not only a relaxing activity but also sharpens your intelligence. Below is a list of the benefits of playing puzzle games.

What is SmartFriends iOS App

1. Enhances Spatial Visual Intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the way we think with images and patterns. It is an important aspect of human intelligence. Spatial visual intelligence leads to better analysis skills.

2. Lower stress levels

Puzzle games are proven to reduce stress levels. While solving puzzles our brain goes into alpha state or fluency state. Apart from reducing stress, it also increases our confidence.

3. Increase Your Productivity

SmartFriends and similar games help increase productivity. It helps to divert our mind from other work. After a break, our mind gets refreshed and becomes more attentive towards work.

4. Delay Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a neurological disorder caused by brain cell atrophy. Meanwhile, dementia is a disorder that causes impairment in memory and cognitive functions. One of the main reasons is the decline in thinking. Puzzle games are proven to delay the onset of dementia.

Should you go for SmartFriends?


user interface
multiplayer support
difficulty level

Smartfriends is an addictive game that is good for your well being. I found it difficult to face challenges. It would have been great if the game offered multiple levels of difficulty. SmartFriends is completely free and doesn’t have any weird ads. Share your experience with SmartFriends in the comments below!


  • slick user interface
  • Challenge friends in Genius Mode
  • Scorestrek.

cost: free