Snapiel TORRAS Screen Protector Review: Is It For You?

The Unboxing Experience of Snapiel TORRAS

Whenever you buy a new iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter, you spend a substantial amount for it. While you may use the device with care, accidents do happen. And to prevent these mishaps from breaking your bank, you need a screen protector, as replacing the display is one of the most expensive.

I recently got a chance to use Snapiel TORRAS screen protector. And it comes on top of the products I’ve used, and there’s something really special about it. Read on to know what it is.

The Unboxing Experience of the Snapiel TORRAS Screen Protector

The Unboxing Experience of Snapiel TORRAS

The packaging of Snapiel TORRAS is really good. You get a guidance frame that will help you apply the screen protector, wet-wipe, dry-wipe and dust removal stickers. And the box gets filled up to the edge. The screen protector is housed in a polyurethane foam pouch enclosed in an envelope. The envelope also contains some paperwork, manuals, etc.

Another cool tool you get in the box is the scraper which can be used to remove bubbles, which I doubt will be visible if you follow the steps correctly. And hey, even if you mess up, don’t worry, because you get an adhesive repair patch so you can remove the screen protector and reapply it.

What is Adhesive Repair Patch, and How to Use It?

There are times when you don’t pay attention to the instructions and mess up the application of the screen protector, and this results in air bubbles due to dust mites or even that the adhesive dries, and that’s it. That’s where the repair patch comes in.

Follow the below steps if you want to know how to use adhesive repair patch,

  1. Remove the screen protector from the device.
  2. Peel off the adhesive repair patch.
  3. Use an adhesive repair patch as a dust remover on the adhesive side of the screen protector.
  4. Once done, you can reapply the screen protector and make sure to clean the display thoroughly.

ease of application

As previously mentioned, the in-box content of Snapiel TORRAS includes:

  • Wet and dry wipes.
  • Dust removal stickers.
  • a scraper.
  • A guidance frame to help you apply the screen protector.

Guidance frame is a godsend. All you have to do is clean the screen of your iPhone, set the frame, and simply align the screen protector with the frame and apply it. Follow the steps in the manual, and you are good to go.

We found two review units of the Snapiel TORRAS, one for the iPhone 13/Pro and one for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I tested both of these, and I can assure you that the application process is as easy as found.

While applying the screen protector to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I encountered a huge air bubble as the screen protector, and the screen came on contact. However, within seconds he was gone.

Hands-on experience with Snapiel TORRAS

If you want a screen protector that mimics the in-hand feel of your iPhone’s screen, then Snappy Taurus is what you should get. Trust me, the oleophobic coating of the screen protector is as good as the oleophobic coating of the iPhone screen.

The glass on the screen protector is thin but tends to the edges, leaving enough room for the case to fit. Even if you don’t plan on using the case, the glass is thick enough to offer protection and thin enough that you get a bumpy swipe every now and then. When you’re using the swipe to go home gesture.

Hands-on experience with Snapiel TORRAS

180 days warranty

You read it right Snapiel offers a 180-day warranty with its TORRAS screen protector. There are some terms and conditions, and to read more about them, tap Here,


unboxing experience
ease of use
in-hand feel
value for money

Now, should you go ahead and get one of these? Absolutely yes! While TORRAS is expensive, it also comes with a 180-day warranty period. That is, 6 months warranty on the screen protector. So, if you need one of the best, go for it!


  • easy application
  • adhesive repair patch
  • 6 months warranty
  • edge to edge


  • costly
  • Considering the price, it could have included a Blue Light Filter or a Privacy Filter variant

cost: $30.99

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