Tricare East Kentucky State Office Phone Number

tricare east phone number

Tricare East is a program that helps provide health care coverage for families and their children. Whether it be routine care, an unexpected illness, or even mental health, Tricare East makes sure you get the care you need. Click on the website to see how it works! Tricare East is a program that helps provide health care coverage for families and their children.

  • – A health care program for military service members and their families
  • – Military medical coverage
  • – Benefits offered by the US military
Partner, Contractor, or Federal AgencyPhone Number
Humana Military (East Region Contractor)1-800-444-5445
International SOS (Overseas Region Contractor)Country-Specific Toll-Free Numbers
Latin America & Canada Area OfficeCommercial: 1-210-536-6080 DSN: 761-643-2036 Toll-free: 1-888-777-8343, option 2

Tricare East Kentucky State Office Phone Number

Tricare is one of the leading providers in the health care industry. A large percentage of their business is done through network advertising. A lot of the company’s clientele are physicians and dentists. A new contract has just been announced for the Tricare east division, this division deals with pharmaceutical sales and service.

  • – The office has locations in Somerset, London, Manchester, Hazard, Pikeville, Pikeville Medical Complex, Middlesboro, Bowling Green, Harlan, Prestonsburg, Irvine, Paintsville, Flemingsburg, and Richmond.
  • – Services provided by the Tricare East Kentucky State Office include claims processing, eligibility, and enrollment for Tricare Standard

The problem is that they have no one to speak of, no telephone numbers, no website and no email address. This is a challenge for people who like Tricare and want to make sure they are getting the help they need or want from this premier health care provider. This is a problem that I faced almost three hours ago when I went online to try to find Tricare East. Unfortunately, my efforts were in vain. Tricare did not respond to my emails or call my office.

I went back online about an hour later and was able to find the email. My question was “Why would they suddenly have a new region?” I looked at the website to see what type of information was available but was unable to find anything. Then I checked with the phone directory and was even more surprised. No one was listed in my area.

I went back online and searched for Tricare east again and I found a phone number. It was listed on the page as a Tricare ” Claims Address”. Now I had to be careful because if they were using this page to communicate with me then maybe I was in for some big surprises. I decided to call the number to find out more about Tricare East. The woman on the other end was nice and sounded like she was from Tricare so I asked her if I could call the claims address to make sure that it was correct.

She told me she was from New York and told me her name was Sonia. Then I checked with the phone directory and found the Tricare phone number in the directory under “ells” and listed under “towns”. I called the number and spoke to a man on the other end who told me he was Jose and that he was from Portugal. He asked me how I was and when I told him I was in the UK, he asked if I was looking for Tricare East.

I told him I was and then asked him where I could find the Tricare east phone number anywhere in the world. He told me to look online. I clicked on the link and was surprised to find that the page I was looking for was only accessible by the internet. I was even more surprised to find it was for people in the north region of the UK. Then I asked him why I should bother going there and what did I need to do to get a good deal.

He replied that it is not hard finding a good quality health care provider. The thing is, when you call a health care provider they have their own phone numbers that are linked to their websites. You can also call their direct number and speak to a trained customer service number.

When you call the company’s direct number you can speak to a trained operator who will help you out by taking down all your details into an easily readable format that you can then send online through the website. All that was left for me to do was send them my personal details like name, address, date of birth, and any relevant information that would help them get in touch with me quickly.

Jose then went on to tell me that he actually had Tricare as his top choice for health care services. The reason being was that Tricare offers much better rates than most major insurance companies. He was also convinced that the customer service offered by Tricare is second to none in the united states. After all, most people prefer to talk to a live person than an impersonal voicemail box.

This was not new information to me. Tricare has been in the United States since 2005. Prior to that time, they were known as Amerihealth. Recently they have been purchased by United Healthcare, which is one of the largest pharmaceutical insurance companies in the United States.

So it is no surprise that Jose was talking to me from almost six years ago. He explained to me that before they bought Tricare they spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to service the Eastern Kentucky area because the majority of the population here is 65 and above.

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