Twelve South BookBook CaddySack Review: The Best MacBook Companion?

Twelve South BookBook CaddySack Review

Do you carry your MacBook and accessories like chargers, mouse, converters, hubs, USB, HDD, and more? Then you have to relate to the gloom of tangled cables and rampant rumours. Well, Twelve South BookBook with CaddySack offers a perfect, irritation-free solution.

But that’s what he said. I can’t be sure about how great the Twelve South Bookbook CaddySack travel companion will be until we review it, so let’s go.

Is BookBook CaddySack the Answer to All Your Organizational Needs?

While Twelve South offers an array of apple accessories, it is most famous for its bookstore collection. It boasts products that look like an old leather book from the outside, complete with a backbone, edge stitches, markings, and more, and CaddySack is no different.

Twelve South BookBook CaddySack Review

And while there’s no need to hide your MacBook accessories under the guise of ‘books’, it helps you make a statement. Imagine that you are taking a book out of your bag and then opening it and showing the accessories.

But, can this book take all you need, or is it all about just looking good.


I have been looking at and recommending the BookBook case for many years. So CaddySack was no novelty for me. But to the credit where it owes, Twelve South has done a remarkable job with it.

the exterior

The leather has aged perfectly, the stitches are fairly neat, the gold print fades in the right places, and even the engravings on the side and spine of the book are reminiscent of a classic book.

Only one thing is missing, the name of the book. I wish Twelve South could customize these cases and let us pick a cult-classic name for our CaddySack. Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, or Big Expectations, Which Would You Choose?

the interior

Staying true to its luxury and vintage exterior, the Caddy Sack features a soft, b/w tweed lining that’s red, black, olive-colored leather, and beige (zipper outline).

Barah South Bookbook Caddysack Interior Space


Designers have paid equal attention to the practical aspects of CaddySack. It claims –

  • A mesh pocket for USB, SIM cards, visiting cards, AirPods, or other such small items.
  • 3 elastic loops to secure cables, earphones, connectors, etc.
  • 2 Adjustable Velcro bands for holding charging brick, AirPods, SSD/HDD, cables etc.
  • A small loop for holding a pen or stylus. (Note: This does not accommodate the Apple Pencil)
Twelve South BookBook CaddySack Utility

Overall, the space is quite adequately designed. This will help you organize most of the day-to-day knick-knacks you use with your MacBook. The soft lining and secure elastics will keep scratches and slippers away.

Specifically, the total depth you get is equal to the spine of the book, i.e. about 1.6″. And when it zipped even after overstuffing, the book’s look was completely crooked. So, you have just enough space, not too much and certainly not too little.

Should You Stack Twelve South Caddysacks?


working capacity
user friendliness
value for money

The BookBook CaddySack wins a few points in the looks department. The overall quality of the product is excellent from the leather, interior fabric and elastics. However, it is certainly not the minimum; It looks and feels heavy.

Plus, while it neatly and securely keeps accessories under its hood, storage space is the bare minimum. Perfect for those who travel with basic necessities, but not for those who like to carry/keep a lot of stuff.

Though in defense of Twelve South, it promises to be a dope kit for your MacBook, and it does so quite effectively. I think it’s safe to say that some may like it and some may not; For me, I like it.


  • Looks like an old book and will attract attention
  • Securely holds essential MacBook accessories
  • noble and durable raw material


  • a bit expensive
  • confined space
  • No color or customization options

cost: $59.99

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