Upcoming EU sideloading bill will ‘paralyze the privacy and security protections’ iPhone users expect, Apple says

iOS App Store General Features

The EU is set to introduce new legislation as soon as this month, which will significantly affect App Store operations in Europe, reports wall street journal,

iOS App Store General Features

The Digital Markets Act has been in development for some time and a final version that could be completed as soon as this month will allow sideloading and alternative App Store options. Apple will need to allow customers in Europe to download apps outside of the App Store, and it will also allow developers to use alternative purchase methods.

Failure to comply with the law could cost Apple billions of dollars, and Apple’s efforts to fight the act have been unsuccessful. Back in November, Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi said sideloading mandated by the Digital Markets Act would open “floodgates” for malware. Federighi said the law would “remove” [the] Choosing a more secure platform.”

in a statement made to wall street journalApple shared a similar sentiment.

Governments and international agencies around the world have explicitly advised against sideloading requirements, which would cripple the privacy and security protections users had come to expect.”

European officials have not been impressed by Apple’s privacy and security-related arguments, and in July, EU digital competition chief Margrethe Vestager said Apple should not use the privacy pretext to limit competition. “If customers use another app store or if they sideload, neither security nor privacy will be forfeited,” she said.

The full scope of the sideloading provision in the bill is not yet known as the final language may give Apple some room to limit the scope of sideloading. After the bill is finalized, it will be approved by parliament and member states, and will take effect early next year.