YouTube says iOS picture-in-picture coming to all users ‘in a few days’

youtube picture in picture feature

After a lengthy trial period, YouTube’s picture-in-picture support for iOS will roll out over the next few days, allowing all users, including non-premium and premium subscribers, to close the YouTube app and convert their videos to a shorter video. I will continue to watch. pop-up window.
youtube picture in picture feature

Google announced in June that picture-in-picture support would be rolling out to both premium and non-paying YouTube app users in the US, but many people outside the country have been able to make it work, so the company has been able to keep it working. can make. Available globally.

Only YouTube Premium subscribers have access to picture-in-picture mode on iOS as an “experimental feature”, and at one stage it was understood to remain a premium only feature, until Google clarified. Did that it’s going to come eventually. For all users in the country.

On Sunday, in response to a tweet about a user having trouble accessing the experimental feature, YouTube said Picture in Picture will be available in “a few days” for devices running iOS 15 and later.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, picture-in-picture allows viewing of videos while using other apps. While watching a video, users can tap the picture-in-picture button to move the video to a small window that floats on the home screen or other app.

YouTube has extended the trial period for the feature several times in an effort to improve the experience ahead of the official launch, and now it appears the company is almost ready for it to go live.

The availability of YouTube picture-in-picture has been a back and forth, with the feature sometimes working through the YouTube website on Safari. Some users have resorted to shortcuts on the YouTube site to turn off the built-in parameter that disables picture-in-picture. But with official support right around the corner, those workarounds will no longer be needed.