ZenKit Projects Review: Best iOS Project Management App?

zenkit projects review kanban style scene

Perfect team management and smooth multitasking are almost like superpowers. And a great project management app for iOS, like ZenKit Projects, can help you achieve that. However, the kryptonite here is whether or not it suits your business and management needs?

And since each business has different requirements, I can’t answer that question. But I can help you find the answer with an in-depth review. So, let’s go without further ado.

What is Zenkit Project?

I’ve already given a spoiler in the introduction, plus the name says it all. ZenKit Projects is a project management solution built to help teams organize, collaborate and manage their workflows.

And since it’s available on the web, iOS, Android, macOS (Intel and Apple Silicon), Windows and Linux, all team members can use the platform on all devices. And this is just the beginning of the feature list offered by ZenKit Projects; We will go through them section by section.

How does ZenKit help with the planning and management of projects on the iPhone?

When it comes to project management apps, I strongly believe in each having its own narrative. Simply put, everyone has different preferences, needs, and ease of use. For example, some people prefer checklists and some kanban, some prefer in-depth reports, while others prefer a simple overview.

Accordingly, ZenKit projects include a range of features to please, help, and support a wider audience.


Whether your methodology is agile, ultra-agile, communication-driven, cross-method, or Kanban, ZenKit projects provide complete support. Plus, you don’t have to be stuck on one.

zenkit projects review kanban style scene

Depending on the project and current requirement, you can easily switch between different views like Kanban, Gantt, Waterfall, Checklist, Mindmap, Table and Calendar. And no matter which view you select, you can drag and drop tasks between sections or rearrange them.

ZenKit projects various visual options

The platform also incorporates global views, i.e., view, schedule and track tasks on a global calendar to enable seamless resource planning and time management.

Teamwork and Collaboration

ZenKit Projects has almost all the team management tools you’ll need. Starting by inviting coworkers, coworkers or freelancers to track a person’s tasks and progress.

  • resource planning – Observe an employee’s schedule and progress before assigning new assignments.
  • create workflow – Invite collaborators, establish dependencies, add milestones, lag, and lead times for easy task management between teams.
Create Smooth Workflows with ZenKit Projects

  • Activity Tracking – Know in real-time the progress of a project or collaborator, who completed what, and what needs your immediate attention.
  • keeping in loop – While there is no chatbox on the platform (unless you use ZenChat), you can easily communicate via comments and mentions.
  • email task – Create and assign tasks directly from your inbox by mailing tasks to ZenKit.
  • priority matrix – When you have a lot of tasks, you can club multiple kanban boards and add labels to decide which frog you should eat first. (For those who didn’t get the referee, read/listen eat that frog,
  • get to know the team – Forget the bio, you can create a fun, content-rich wiki for your employees so everyone knows everyone.

Smart Organizational Tools

As I said earlier, a team and handling multiple tasks at once is nothing less than a superpower. And along with some smart street skills, you also need tools. And ZenKit Projects offers quite a bit.

  • Checklist / To-Do List – Create a personal or project-wise checklist or to-do lists to make sure everyone is on track.
  • multilevel tasks Create as many tasks as you want under Tasks under Tasks, so that even the smallest detail is not missed from the parent task.
  • tags and labels – Categorize tasks according to priority, in progress, in-house or outsourcing etc.
  • Bulk action – Get things done fast! Add, remove or replace any data field in multiple functions.
  • recurring item – are tasks that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or more; Why create or assign them over and over again? Just set them once and repeat them as you like.
  • formulas and more – Why go to a calculator or spreadsheet for some odd tasks, ZenKit includes formulas, aggregations and more to help you combine, combine, and analyze data.
  • 2FA – All users can add an extra layer of security by adding two-factor authentication.

Some more special features

  • advanced reports – Identify risks, mitigate challenges, and spot opportunities with smart and interactive reports created with over 720 pointers.
ZenKit Projects provides advanced interactive reports
credit: zenkito

  • global search – Search in ZenKit projects and apply advanced filters to find what you need as fast as possible.
  • work offline Don’t let the fluctuations in the connection get to you. Take your files offline; Notably, this feature also works in the web version.
  • rich text editing – Create HTML, Markdown or basic text editing to beautify your projects and stand out.
  • shortcut – Speed ​​up monthly tasks using simple keyboard shortcuts.
  • custom background – Add your own photo, corporate logo, or a suitable inspirational background; The forum welcomes you to the one that works best for you.
  • third-party integration – ZenKit integrates with over 1000 apps from Slack, Zapier, GitHub, Google Calendar, and more.

Will the ZenKit project bring the Zen you need?


user interface
team management
value for money

ZenKit Projects is a feature-packed project management solution. The UI isn’t too complicated, and there is an app/web version available for almost all types of devices.

However, the learning curve will be slight, especially for advanced users. and although there are some youtube videos To guide you, I think something else may be needed for new (non-technical) users.

The only problem is storage space, even in the paid plans (6GB per user). Otherwise, everything is smooth sailing and quite helpful. But as I said, it will depend on your business and personal preferences, so give ZenKit Projects a try.


  • Smooth and customizable interface
  • Multiple viewing options to suit all needs
  • Packed with smart and useful tools
  • Extensive third-party integration
  • freemium version is good enough


  • Limited storage space even for paid plans
  • should offer more tutorials


  • free (up to 3 members, 1 GB storage)
  • plus – $9/month/user (up to 50 members, 6 GB storage)
  • Trade – $25/month/user (up to 300 members, 50 GB storage)